JHTD Plaza

At JHTD Plaza we strive to help your business succeed. Specializing in leasing commercial property, we offer commercial property solutions in prime, easily-accessible locations. Our fast and friendly approval process ensures that making the right move for your business is easy and efficient.

When you’re ready to explore making a valuable move for your business, contact us at  info@TheNewEagleGroup.com. We look forward to showing you the perfect property for your business!

About Us

Jerry Murdock, Harry Buchheit, back row Toben Murdock and Dennis Buchheit

The New Eagle Group’s JHTD Plaza was formed in 2010 by Dennis Buchheit and Toben Murdock, along with their fathers Harry and Jerry.

Harry started his own tax service in 1972, which has grown exponentially and remains strong today as Buchheit Tax Service, a key component of The New Eagle Group.

Jerry represented Galena State Bank for over 35 years, first as President and CEO and later as Board Chairman. He also brings expertise in property solutions as he has owned rental property in the Galena area since the 1970’s.

Dennis and Toben looked to their fathers’ seasoned knowledge of the business world for guidance and inspiration as they formed and continue to operate JHTD Plaza. Our philosophy is that business is first and foremost built on solid relationships, and we strive to foster these relationships within our community.

At JHTD Plaza, we are always open to new business opportunities and entrepreneurial mentorship in the realm of real estate investment and beyond. We operate on a “Pay It Forward” goal to help other developing businesses in the community grow and thrive.


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